Our Story

Jenny Ververidou & Alexandra E. Eichenberger

My grandparents Alexandra & Michail Ververidis were born early 1900 in Greece. He had a bakery shop and she, when not helping him out, was creating handbags. Actually, my grandmother Alexandra produced little treasures with her hands over several decades. One piece I love in particular became two generations later my very own inspiration.

Grandparents (Mobile)

My mother Jenny and I, continuing the tradition of making bags, create elegant items. Every cut, every stitch and every material combination breathes individual life into the bag and gives it its unique character. Our bags are truly handmade with genuine love, passion and care. Our work stands for quality and exclusivity achieved by means of traditional manufacturing techniques. Mass production is not our target .We handpick all our materials to ensure that our customer gets the finest quality leather. Each item cannot be identical with another one.


To be better we need to be different. Our mission is to experience true natural beauty and quality you can feel – and a look that communicates elegance.


We ensure that all our products are produced with the high standards. Our models are modern and with time all our pieces only get more beautiful. A product that has been made with care and love reflects the energy. Join us and discover the world of handmade bags…

Sewing tool for needlework and leather scraps.Top view
Old sewing machine